7th CSR INDIA Awards 2020.

30 – 31 July 2020, New Delhi (India)







Greentech Foundation invites nominations from companies, their units and NGOs having strong concern and commitment for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

The award will be presented for demonstrating highest level of commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Best Practices all sectors of industry and services sector. The awards aim to recognize exemplary operations, systems and the evidence of their impact to upliftment of society. Greentech Foundation awards serve as a catalyst to understanding the intrinsic value of CSR in business excellence and sustainability.


1. Reflects your commitment to CSR.
2. Enhances your corporate status, brand awareness and image.
3. Boosts morale of concerned employees and stakeholders.
4. Motivates management and staff of the organization to excel.
5. Develops your clientele.

1. Encourage & motivate to adopt best practices and become role models for others to emulate.
2. Encourage implementation of strategies for improvement in operations standards.

All Large, Medium, Small Scale Industrial / Service Sector Companies / Organizations and their units, Academic Institutions NGOs and Charitable Trusts are eligible for participation in the award.


Award Application Form and Rules & Regulations for the Award can be obtained by sending request by email to:awards@greentech.org


If interested in applying for more than one unit / factories / projects of same company or more than one CSR Project, separate request for application and fee should be submitted for each nomination.

Award Application complete with all information and documents should be submitted as per schedule.

CSR Award Categories

• Promotion of Education.
• Reducing Child Mortality.
• Improving Maternal Health.
• Promotion of Farm Irrigation.
• Promotion of Health and Healthcare.
• Ensuring Environmental Sustainability.
• Welfare of Disabled Persons (Divyangs).
• Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills.
• Eradicating Extreme Hunger and Poverty.
• Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women.
• Relief and Funds for the Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, other Backward Classes, Minorities.


Evaluation of nominations for Greentech Awards is an intensive process. Nominations are evaluated by experts from Government, Academia and Industry.

• Preliminary evaluation of shortlisted nominations.
• Award Nominees will make presentation by Video-Conferencing with Jury-Members constituted by Greentech Foundation.
• Site Visit of short-listed companies/units.
• Awards Declaration


Greentech CSR Awards 2020 will be presented during 7th Annual Greentech CSR Summit 2020

CSR Award Entry Fee (Each Nomination) for Indian Companies:

Greentech Member Cos. Upto 30 April 2020 Super Saver US$ 1 May – 31 May 2020 Saver US$ 1 June 2020 onwards Standard US$
40,000 + GST = 47,200 43,000 + GST= 50,740 46,000 + GST = 54,280
Non Member Cos. 42,000 + GST = 49,560 45,000 + GST= 53,100 48,000 + GST = 56,640

CSR Award Entry Fee (Each Nomination) for Indian NGOs:

Indian NGOs Upto 15 April 2020 Super Saver INR Rs. 16 Apr – 30 April 2020 Saver INR Rs. 1 May –15 May 2020 Standard INR Rs.
20,000 + GST = 23,600 23,000 + GST= 27,140 26,000 + GST = 30,680

CSR Award Entry Fee (Each Nomination) for Overseas Companies/ NGOs:

Overseas Cos/ NGOs Upto 15 April 2020 Super Saver US$ 16 Apr – 30 April 2020 Saver US$ 1 May –15 May 2020 Standard US$
700 + Taxes = 826 750 + Taxes = 885 800 + Taxes = 944
Non Member Cos. 800 + Taxes = 944 850 + Taxes = 1,003 900 + Taxes = 1,062

Participation Fee Includes Complimentary Pass for One Participant in the CSR INDIA Summit 2020 (Non-Residential).


OnLine Registration and Payment click here
Bank Charges : To be borne by remitter.
Cancellation Policy : All payments are non-refundable