7th CSR India Summit & Expo 2020

30 – 31 July 2020, New Delhi (India)








With Large Number of participants from amongst top Policy Makers, Private Companies, Government Corporations, International Non Profits, UN Agencies, Think Tanks, Research and Academic Institutions, Media, Implementers, NGO's and Civil Society Organizations the CSR India Summit will give you an Unparrelled Opportunity to Interact and Network with the Community Working in the CSR space Providing the participants a glimpse into the Latest Tools, Technologies and Processes for Impactful Implementation of CSR.


With a comprehensive range of discussion forums, talks, interactive sessions, one-on-one interactions and demonstrations we endeavor to empower our participants having interest in current and emerging trends in CSR to make the most of it. It will be a unique congregation of the who's who in the CSR ecosystem.


• Leveraging CSR for maximizing Macro and Micro Impact


• Demystifying CSR
• Transforming Lives of the Specially Abled
• Skill Development For Enhancing Livelihoods
• Focusing on Lives of War Widows and Veterans
• Collaboration and Force Multiplication thru CSR
• Convergence of Intersectoral Programs thru CSR
• Leveraging CSR for Adoption of New Technology
• CSR as A Game Changer In The Sports Ecosystem
• Role of Intl. Players and Synergy Between SDG's and CSR
• Learnings From Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Successes and Failures
• Possibilities of Using CSR for Promoting Affordable and Green Energy
• New Opportunity For Conservation and Renovation of Indian Heritage with CSR
• Effective Heath Service Delivery of Multiple Programs and Possibilities of Using CSR


Policy Makers, Planners and Implementers in Different Levels of Government
• Technology Providers for CSR Designing, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
• CEOs, Directors, Executive Directors, General Managers and Managers
• CSR, HR and Admin Professionals and Consultants
• The UN/World Bank/ International Agencies
• Funding Agencies, Trusts and Foundations
• Non Profits, Civil Society Organizations
• Business, Trade Associations, Councils
• Academic and Research Institutions
• Transnational Organizations.

Registration Fee for Indian Companies (Per Person- Non-Residential):

Greentech Member Cos. Upto 30 April 2020 Super Saver US$ 1 May – 31 May 2020 Saver US$ 1 June 2020 onwards Standard US$
16,000 + GST = 47,200 17,000 + GST= 50,740 18,000 + GST = 54,280
Non Member Cos. 16,900 + GST = 49,560 18,000 + GST= 53,100 19,000 + GST = 56,640

Registration Fee for Indian NGOs* (Per Person- Non-Residential):

Indian NGOs Upto 30 April 2020 Super Saver US$ 1 May – 31 May 2020 Saver US$ 1 June 2020 onwards Standard US$
4,000 + GST = 4,720 5,000 + GST= 5,900 6,000 + GST = 7,080
*Indian NGOs should send soft copy of valid NGO Registration Certificate to mail@greentech.org

Registration Fee for Overseas Cos./ NGOs (Per Person- Non-Residential):

Greentech Member Cos. Upto 30 April 2020 Super Saver US$ 1 May – 31 May 2020 Saver US$ 11 June 2020 onwards Standard US$
400 + Taxes = 472 450 + Taxes = 531 500 + Taxes = 590
Non Member Cos. 450 + Taxes = 531 500 + Taxes = 590 550 + Taxes = 649


1. Demand Draft drawn in favour of Greentech Foundation payable in New Delhi.
2. Electronic Fund Transfer : For details, please email to : conference@greentech.org
3. Register as a Deligate Click Here
4. Register as a NGO Click Here
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Bank Charges : To be borne by remitter.
Cancellation Policy : All payments are Non- Refundable.


• Learn from Large Number of Top Policy Makers, Implementers, Researchers, Academics & NGOs
• Showcase Latest Tools, Technology and Processes
• Great Opportunity to Interact and Network
• Share Success, Failures, Frustrations
• Current and Emerging Trends in CSR

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Sponsorship Options & Benefits

Being a valued sponsor of the event it will strengthen, enhance and reinforce your organization’s position and active role in CSR. The event will also feature the presence of high number of top- level senior officials from the government, private and public sector companies, NGOs, Funding Agencies and International Agencies.

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Training Course Fee (per person)- Non Residential

Rs. 30,000 + GST@ 18% = Rs. 35,400

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