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The Artificial Limbs (Hand or Leg) are required due to many reasons:
• Limbs missing since Birth
• Disease
• Accident

Superior quality Intelligent Artificial Limb replaces the amputated/ missing leg Below Knee or Above Knee.The Life-Like artificial intelligent limbs are made of high quality silicon, carbon fibre and titanium. Moveable parts inside the limbs are imported from Germany and USA which ensure durability and dependability of the limbs. The intelligent limbs are light weight, stronger and reduces energy required to use. The amputees are able to regain almost normal and easy movement.

Superior Quality Intelligent Artificial Leg

Below Knee Leg Outer View

Above Knee Intelligent Artificial Limb is a combination of Customized Socket, Knee Joint, Pylon and Foot.

Above Knee Leg Outer View Above Knee Leg Inner View

Superior Quality Intelligent Artificial Limbs :

(Above Elbow or Below Elbow Hand)

Superior Quality Intelligent Artificial Limb replaces an arm missing below the elbow. Super Deluxe Hand work by sensing thru electrodes when the muscles in the upper arm moves causing the artificial hand to open or close. Intelligent Super Deluxe Hand is a combination of Customized Socket, Electrodes, Rechargeable Battery, Electrode operated motor for movement of fingers.

Super Deluxe Intelligent Hand